New New Yorkers … and more

August 27, 2008 10:14AM

  • 1. It doesn’t take long for new arrivals to become New Yorkers [NYT]
  • 2. Home sales around the country have begun to stabilize, thanks to lower prices [NYT]
  • 3. The FDIC has warned that the banking industry will weaken more and raised its number of “problem” lenders [NYT]
  • 4. The Fed could lower interest rates again [NYT]
  • 5. Related plans a $3 billion redevelopment in a Colorado ski town [WSJ]
  • 6. The Federal Housing Administration has raised the premiums it charges for insuring mortgages [WSJ]
  • 7. Home prices are improving in some parts of the country but still falling in others [WSJ]
  • 8. Builders are offering big incentives [WSJ]
  • 9. The housing market could finally be recovering [WSJ]
  • 10. The gold value of New York state’s housing is rising for the first time in two years [Sun]
  • 11. The Bronx has the city’s highest rate of gay couples with children [Post]
  • 12. A judge rules that gambling is illegal at a Seneca-owned casino in Buffalo
    [AP via AMNY]
  • 13. Mortgage fraud is still a problem
  • 14. Meatpacking District residents aren’t happy with the overtime that
    workers are putting in at Andre Balazs’ unfinished Standard Hotel [NYDN]
  • 15. New York City’s poverty rate is declining [NYT]
  • 16. The city’s oldest bridge, High Bridge in Washington Heights, could finally be fixed and re-opened [Sun]
  • 17. Residents of Soho plan to sue the city over plans to build a city garage and fueling center near the Holland Tunnel [Sun]