The Real Deal New York

Moby’s lament … and more

September 03, 2008 05:37PM

  • 1. Moby laments that creative people can’t afford to live in Manhattan anymore [NYMag]
  • 2. Palazzo Chupi has a competitor [Curbed]
  • 3. What’s the difference between a co-op and a condo? [Curbed]
  • 4. Holdout against Columbia’s Expansion Pens A Wall Street Journal editorial
  • 5. Meanwhile, Columbia makes a final push for public support [Sun]
  • 6. Yankee Stadium’s demolition won’t done by implosion [Post]
  • 7. Two former brokers at Credit Suisse face federal fraud charges tied to the sale of auction-rate securities [Crain’s]
  • 8. Morgan Stanley is launching a $10 billion global property fund [Crain’s]
  • 9. Ed McMahon’s almost-foreclosed Beverly Hills home is back on the market after a sale fell through [Bloomberg]
  • 10. The condo boom has led to a school crunch [Gotham Gazette]

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