Hilfiger’s home … and more

September 04, 2008 10:33AM


  • 1. More on Tommy Hilfiger’s Plaza apartment, which will
    reportedly list for $50 million [Post]
  • 2. The insurance giant American International Group has a plan to dump its
    subprime securities [Post]
  • 3. Paul McCartney is looking for a new place on the Upper East Sid [Post]
  • 4. A new blog helps new Fort Greene
    residents connect with lifelong residents [NYDN]
  • 5. The Burj Dubai, the world’s tallest tower, in Dubai is now 2,257 feet tall [NYDN]
  • 6. A Park Slope butcher shop gets saved with a last-minute
    lease renewal [NYDN]
  • 7. The city council is expected to pass a law banning people
    from climbing buildings [NYDN]
  • 8. Job growth in Lower Manhattan
    hasn’t been strong [Sun]
  • 9. Bianca Jagger’s lawyer argued her case for getting her
    rent-stabilized apartment [AP via Sun]
  • 10. Skylights let the light shine in [Sun]
  • 11. A look at living in Great Kills, Staten
    Island [AMNY]
  • 12. A couple gave up an apartment at the Apthorp to renovate the
    turbine room of a Minneapolis
    mill [NYT]
  • 13. Mervyn’s is suing its former private-equity owners, saying
    they stripped the chain of its real estate and then jacked up its rent [WSJ]
  • 14. Tenants living on Park Row wish that their street,
    blocked off by One
    Police Plaza
    since 9/11, would be re-opened [Metro]