This Week in Comments

September 19, 2008 06:27PM

From comments posted this week on The Real Deal’s daily blog.

Manhattan home prices drop
Thursday, September 18
Those are huge numbers. Of all the news on this site, this seems to be quite significant, yet ignored. I guess ignorance is bliss for most in the industry.

Alternate proposal for Bay Ridge church still on the table
Thursday, September 18
It’s too bad this church can’t be saved, but if no one is willing to put up the money then it needs to go. Marching up and down in front of the building with protest signs is not doing anything to raise the funds needed for preservation, nor is it doing anything to identify an appropriate use for the building.

The Closing: Charles Kushner
Thursday, September 18
I find it curious that Mr. Kushner believes he will be forgiven by God and his parents in heaven for the deeds that landed him in prison, but he believes his brother and sister will not be forgiven for aiding in the federal investigation of his illegal acts.

Feds can break WaMu leases if FDIC takes over bank
Wednesday, September 17
This opens up an interesting discussion and could leave landlords and owners open to a gamut of problems.

Residential brokers try to navigate new playing field
Thursday, September 18
I am a broker and New York City is [in] no way immune. What amazes me is how much we are hated.