This Week in Comments

September 26, 2008 05:32PM

From comments posted this week on The Real Deal’s daily blog.

1. Wall Street problems hit high end

Friday, September 26
We are still showing places. We are still getting calls on apartments. It’s true that people are negotiating more, but there is still activity and that’s always good.

2. Herald Square hotel-condo developer seeks financial partner

Wednesday, September 24
I think they have already started the foundation for this site. But $400 a square foot is a lot of money given the location. You need to be a little more north or a little more south to get that kind of money these days.

3. Bank branches expected to close in city

Thursday, September 25
Well, here’s some good news from all this…

4. High hopes for latest wave of Harlem hotels

Monday, September 22
How much longer will Harlem have to wait before it gets a good hotel?

5. Still not a buyer’s market in Manhattan

Monday, September 22
I wonder what’s going to happen when the co-op board and banks start fighting over selling foreclosed properties.