Sutton Square mansion sells for $7.5M over asking

October 02, 2008 04:49PM

Despite a down market, after being listed at $25 million, Seven
Sutton Square sold for $32.5 million on September
23, according to public records posted today. The billing address was given as “care
of Wildenstein & Co.,” so the buyer is assumed to be art collector Guy
Wildenstein. The home was originally two townhouses that were renovated and
combined to create a 9,250-square-foot townhouse with five bedrooms, gym,
sauna, rooftop garden and 15-foot glass rotunda. There are no mortgages for the
property filed in city records, likely meaning it was bought in cash. The sale $7.5 million above the asking price is a surprise in the down market, but the Observer says “the contract was signed back in June, and it’s possible that the listing was vastly underpriced.”

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