This Week in Comments

October 24, 2008 05:34PM

From comments posted this week on The Real Deal’s daily blog:

Real estate lawyer shot on Long Island
Wednesday, October 22
Is it me or now that the market has soured people are acting crazily — hitting each other with ice buckets, shooting each other, suing each

Financing available for select New York City hotels
Wednesday, October 22
These financings are “lagging indicators” of finance activity associated with hotels. The game has changed the past several weeks, and lenders are increasingly shying away from hotel transactions.

Seeing less green in Fort Greene
Monday, October 20
Can we knock these eyesores down now? Vacant lots with empty crack vials added more charm to the neighborhood then these monstrosities. What these developers didn’t realize is that people move to Fort Greene to get away from the crap like this that’s been going up all over the city, not to live in it.

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