This Week in Comments

December 05, 2008 04:44PM

From comments posted this week on The Real Deal’s daily blog.

Concierges seeing residents spending less money

1. Thursday, December 4: First in line to lose their relevance in [a] recession: Concierge companies. Number 2: PR firms.

2. Friday, December 5: Number 3: Dog spas.

Landlords add amenities to keep tenants

Monday, December 1: Just drop the rents! Price is the real driver in a recession — not water taxis.

Association files civil rights complaint on behalf of homebuyers

Monday, December 1: This is the most asinine thing I have ever read. While the ratings agencies are certainly at fault for failing to rate this garbage properly, they did not make the loans. When are the people who took the money going to take responsibility for their actions?

Brokers out of luck when developments get converted

1. Thursday, December 4: If a broker is expecting a commission check, it’s not in the bank yet, so don’t buy that expensive item just yet.

2. Thursday, December 4: I strongly feel that there should be commission paid to the agents/brokers so that their work, effort and advertising costs are protected — something like a commission insurance policy.

One Brooklyn Bridge Park developer hopes to woo retail

Thursday, December 4: I don’t see how you can get retailers, outside of bodegas for that space. It’s too far away from any foot traffic. The only people shopping in the area will be the tenants.

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