Inside the home of Richard and Renee Bross Steinberg

By Alison Gregor | December 15, 2008 07:08PM

From the December issue:
In a mansion that was once the residence of famed songwriter Irving Berlin, residential real estate brokers Richard Steinberg and Renée Bross Steinberg have carved out a home — literally. That is, the Steinbergs live in one of six apartments hewn out of the 50-foot-wide, 25,000-square-foot mansion at 3 East 75th Street, which was the family home of Berlin’s wife, Ellin Mackay, and where he reportedly wrote “White Christmas.” Both the Steinbergs — who work as a team that includes their daughter Sarah Fiszel at Warburg Realty — knew they’d found their home from the moment they caught sight of the seven-story limestone mansion’s crumbling first-floor library about five years ago.

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