$5B in projects delayed or canceled, homeowners debate about refinancing … and more

December 28, 2008 08:13PM

1. $5 billion in development projects in the city are delayed or canceled [NYT] and [NYDN]
2. President Bush’s pardon of Brooklyn developer was rescinded [Newsday]
3. Williamsburg couple lowered home price to draw more buyers [NYT]
4. Homeowners debate about refinancing mortgages [NYT]
5. Renovation progress in Union Square [NYT]
6. 1888 stone mansion in Harlem for sale for $10 million [NYT]
7. John Legend’s East Village apartment for sale [NY Mag]
8. Greenwich House Preschool closing next week [NYT]
9. City won’t fund renovations of volunteer firehouse in Jamaica Bay [NYT]
10. Soho’s Vesuvio Bakery plans to reopen in June [Villager]
11. Alternative pets for buildings that are not pet-friendly [NYT]
12. City mass-transit projects will get $4 billion [Post]

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