Khims grocery coming to Driggs Avenue, Fannie Mae portfolio expands … and more

December 31, 2008 07:48AM

1. Khims grocery store coming to Driggs Avenue and North 11th Street [GL]

2. Block behind Apollo Theater in Harlem named “James Brown Way” [NYDN]
3. Report looks at the possible impact of prevailing wages on affordable housing projects [CHPC]
4. Guarantee won’t lower Fannie and Freddie borrowing costs [Bloomberg]
5. Fannie Mae portfolio expands at 9.3 percent rate [Bloomberg]
6. Editorial: WaMu illustrates problems with housing market [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]
7. Daily News looks inside Manhattan’s hottest apartments [NYDN]
8. What homes $150,000 will buy you around the country [NYT]
9. Renter’s market for Manhattan office space [NYT]

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