Bloomberg aims to create more jobs through development

January 15, 2009 03:27PM

In Mayor Michael
Bloomberg’s state of the city address today at Brooklyn College,
he detailed plans to create more jobs in the city through real estate
development. Bloomberg said in the current fiscal year, the city is funding
more than $10 billion in capital projects that will create over 25,000
construction-related jobs, including the Number 7 train extension to the Hudson
Yards, a new police academy in Queens, two libraries in Staten Island and the
High Line in Manhattan,
among others. The mayor said the city is also working on
expanding businesses by creating a Web site that will expedite obtaining city
permits for developers, and provide illustrations on the Web site of
building plans so community members can
see them. The mayor said the city will “work with Speaker Quinn and the
City Council to ‘green’ our building code and enact the nation’s first
law to
require existing private sector buildings to improve their energy
efficiency. Those two steps will reduce our carbon footprint and create
jobs for people with green skills.” In addition,
the mayor mentioned offering emergency loans to small businesses and
establishing more business improvement districts around the city. TRD