This Week In Comments

January 30, 2009 02:24PM

Gramercy developer benches Shvo — sort of
1. I think the developer doesn’t want to pay Shvo a hefty commission on the penthouse units and has gotten Elliman on the cheap. Bad move by the developer.
2. “Decent” job selling 190 of 206 apartments for average of $1,448 per square foot on 23rd Street and First Avenue? I would say it’s a little bit more than decent.

Rector Square residents angry about living conditions
[The] lace has been “under construction” since forever with no end in sight, especially since Levy can’t pay his contractors or even Shvo. With all the attention paid to 20 Pine and 25 Broad, I’m surprised that the media is only now picking up this story.

Broker can get car with retail lease
For such a super retail broker, can’t she get it done on her own?

Rockrose allegedly denies lease renewal after tenant criticizes building
If he’s unhappy why would he want to renew his lease?

Elliman canned from Manhattan House
This project was delayed because of fighting between the partners and they couldn’t get much completed before the bubble [p]opped. Now they’re screwed. I think it ends up in Chapter 11. If they were a year early they would have sold a lot more to every Tom, Dick and Harry looking to get rich in real estate.

Corcoran closes Harlem office
It’s long overdue. That office has been largely struggling for a while. Poor management and an over-saturated Harlem market didn’t help either.