Landlords say new rent regulations will bring foreclosures, expensive units are quietly on the market … and more

February 03, 2009 10:02PM

1. Landlords warn that changing rent regulations could lead to defaults on apartment building purchases [NYO]
2. 834 Fifth Avenue co-op may sell for close to its $30 million asking price [NYO]
3. Men’s-only salon opening six new locations in the next 18 months [NYO]
4. More on Polo Ralph Lauren’s lease renewal at 650 Madison Avenue [NYO]
5. Brokers say sales offices are becoming less necessary in the real estate business [NYO]
6. A Q&A with Peter Hauspurg and Daun Paris, chairman and president (and husband and wife) of Eastern Consolidated [NYO]
7. Expensive units quietly on the market [NYO]
8. Foreclosures dominate home sales in many markets [CNN Money]
9. Lehman Brothers’ debt has shrunk by two-thirds [Bloomberg]
10. Hotel Chelsea manager quits after seven months on the job [NYO]
11. Louis D. Brandeis High School on the Upper West Side to be replaced with three small schools [NYT]
12. What real estate you can buy around the country for $300,000 [NYT]
13. Hawaiian Tropic Zone in Times Square closing for renovations [NYDN]