Bronx residents evict landlord, two hedge funders become no-fee brokers … and more

February 09, 2009 08:40AM

1. Neglected Bronx residents finally evict landlord [NYDN]
2. National Consumer Law Center said that three credit-reporting agencies have not done enough to help people fix errors on credit reports needed for mortgages  [NYT]
3. Woman decides not to buy in co-op when her dog fails the doorbell test [NYT]
4. Travel photographer’s home doubles as personal museum [NYT]
5. Four historic commercial buildings in Midtown in different stages of evolution [NYT]
6. With new development regulations, Queens waterfront areas could have parks, playgrounds and cafes [NYDN]
7. Two hedge fund workers start no-fee broker Web site [NYT]
8. Living in Bellerose Village, Long Island [NYT]
9. 2008 was the “best of times and the worst of times” for real estate [NYT]
10. New York City and London take the most hits during the financial crisis [Crain’s]
11. Bob Vila, former host of “This Old House,” buys $5.9 million apartment at 15 Madison Square Park [NYT]
12. High-end sales in Westchester falling [NYT]
13. Home values are down on Long Island, but property taxes are up [NYT]
14. Who is the new “typical buyer” in New Jersey? [NYT]
15. New tax breaks available on homes [NYT]
16. Butchers pushed out of the Meatpacking District [NYT]
17. Chinatown residents afraid of losing community [NYT]
18. Two Trees won’t renew lease for Dumbo school for children with disabilities [NYT]
19. Some home prices expected to bottom out this year [WSJ]
20. Fifth Avenue retailers surviving the downturn [Post]
21. A look at the East Village’s beloved Kim’s Video [NYT]
22. Madoff’s hedge funders selling assets [Post]