This Week in Comments

February 20, 2009 05:44PM

UWS church likely to become landmark
So Yankee Stadium can be demolished, but not the West Park Presbyterian Church? Explain that one to your children.

225 Rector Place’s common fund depleted

They should make Levy and Shvo switch places with the owners and live in the half completed building while the owners get to live the high life in Levy and Shvo’s places.

Beaver House applies for public parking
To drive in Manhattan is crazy. To drive in Downtown is lunatic. Even the mayor takes the train Downtown and he is a billionaire!

Moinian late again at 60 Madison

These are common things that can be overlooked in a company that large. Joe [Moinian] is cash rich, gets lots of money from the city, owns tons of smaller buildings which are all rent producing. He will come out on top.

Perception driving rental market
Perception is driving the rental market and the fact that people are just waiting for prices to plummet more before they start buying again.

Housing starts fall to record low
I am amazed that any new construction is currently starting. Why? Who is financing it? Is it all in a couple of small areas of the country? These questions need to be answered and I don’t see them being asked by the media.

Southampton wins top Elliman LI office

Half of the winners have probably already dropped out of real estate.