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February 27, 2009 04:08PM

Arris Lofts’ developer is renegade: suit
Unfortunately, I predict that many more lawsuits like these will arise in Long Island City due to the fact that so many LIC developments are in deep trouble and [they] remain unsold or only partially built, or both. Inventory is building and building. Potential buyers should know all the risks that come with entering into a troubled development in such risky times, such as how lawsuits can affect your monthly maintenance costs, ability to close, etc.

Lawyer sues building management over dogs
Paulette Taylor has a fundamental right to quiet enjoyment of her apartment. More power to her!

Top NYC Marcus & Millichap exec accused in $200M sham sale lawsuit

1. More of this kinda stuff to come.
2. Sounds like the lynch mob mentality has pervaded everything and everyone. What happened to due process “before” convicting the broker or the firm?

Chinese investors come to US for bargains
Whoever organized this is a smart guy. It’s too bad the 40 investors have no idea what they are in for.

375 foreclosure properties on auction block
At this point, your best bet as a buyer is to lowball everyone; prices will continue to drop.

240 Park Avenue South doesn’t rise to the level of other Gwathmey projects
I have yet to understand why Gwathmey Siegel has gained so much cachet over the years. None of their recent designs in New York are attractive or even interesting. They seem to fall into two categories: dull or brash.

Columbia buys two buildings for $13.6M
This is a great opportunity for all of the schools with their large endowments to purchase more properties on their turf.