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March 13, 2009 02:43PM

The Closing: Robert Levine
My psychiatrist prescribed this site’s comments pages. He was told about this interview and the comments by somebody else who came to him. [The other patient] was not severely depressed, [and] nor am I. It’s just that New York City is a big pressure cooker, and I needed to open the valve to release some steam. My shrink gave me a script for Valium. He said that I should read this site to see if I could avoid taking any other meds. My job, my wife [and] my life have all been troubling me lately. Reading about how this RAL guy paved the path to his own self-destruction is fascinating. I feel much better now.

Corcoran bans “offensive” words from ads
1. This is so wrong and as most of you know, a perfect example of PC run amok.
2. This is not a Corcoran decision. HUD is coming down on all the brokerages to respect fair housing, and any words that could be suspicious of steering [or] redlining have to be removed or the companies will be fined.
3. Being a professional, I am offended that being a “professional” is censored.

Mann files to block Apthorp loan restructuring
Anglo Irish is sinking and they are trying to hurt anyone they can. They should lower their basis and Mann and company should do the same and try and salvage equity for all parties. Anglo was happy to make the loan; now they have to discount it and move on.

LIC developers offer incentives
How about those idiots at the Edge in Williamsburg? There [are] still [no] incentives or price reductions. Meanwhile, every other developer is offering at least something.

State investigates Marcus Millichap
Hey, at least they have a training program. [That’s] more than you can say for most of the firms in the industry.

Biggest price cut of the day
How can he think that if he bought in March and is trying to sell in today’s market that there could be any profit in it for him?

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