Luxury rentals coming to Hudson Yards, Atlantic Yards could be built without Gehry design … and more

March 24, 2009 06:25PM

1. Luxury rentals rising at Hudson Yards [Curbed]
2. State budget deficit passes $16 billion [NYT]
3. Prices continue to fall at 11 Spring Street [Curbed]
4. Shelter closing in the Financial District [BPC via Curbed]
5. Rents fall at School of Visual Arts dorm apartments [Curbed]
6. Model Milla Jovovich selling her Greenwich Avenue townhouse [Cityfile]
7. 13 units left at the recently revealed Argyle [Brownstoner]
8. Nine listings available at the Caroline condo, a Karl Fischer-designed Building On Ocean Parkway [Brownstoner]
9. Lots of stores for rent on Flatbush Avenue [Brownstoner]
10. Some Stuy Town residents who were about to lose their
rent-regulated apartments because of their salaries get a reprieve
11. U.S. home prices rose 1.7 percent between December and January, the first monthly increase in a yer [WSJ]
Atlantic Yards might be built without Frank Gehry design [AY Report]
13. Dutch Kills Civic Association continues to argue about hotels [Queens Gazette]
14. Free legal help for troubled homeowners in Nassau County [Newsday]
15. Retail vacancies on the rise in central New Jersey [GlobeSt]
16. One unit at Schaefer Landing advertises “bank says bring them a number in the mid $800s and the property is yours” [Curbed]
17. Critics say changes to the Rules of the City of New York favor developers [Indypendent]
Lower Manhattan Development Corp. offering $25,000 grants to businesses
adversely affected by construction [Broadsheet Daily]
19. At 85 3rd Street, developer obtained a permit to build two additional floors, and then tore the structure down [PMFA]
20. NYU seniors will be graduating in the new Yankee Stadium this year [Curbed]
21. Lionel Pincus’ duplex at the Pierre discounted again [Cityfile]

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