Landlords firing doormen to cut costs

March 25, 2009 08:20AM

Because of the recession, some landlords are cutting costs by
laying off doormen. So far in 2009, union 32BJ — which represents
doormen, cleaners, porters, supers and security guards — has had 70
workforce reductions, which is roughly the same number of
reductions for all of 2008. The most staff reductions so far have been
in Brooklyn and Queens, a representative for 32BJ said. Real estate
pros say doormen working in luxury rental buildings are more at risk of being
laid off because of plummeting rents. “At luxury buildings or doorman
buildings, [landlords] have to take aggressive action,” said Real
Estate Group New York COO Daniel Baum. “Because of their added costs,
they have more exposure to vacancy rates.”

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