Delinquent loans on the rise, a look at the Coney Center … and more

April 02, 2009 06:07PM

1. Delinquent loans rose 43 percent in the first quarter nationwide [Bloomberg]

2. New Yorkers can make money by letting movies film in their homes [TONY]
3. Schoolhouses turn into residential buildings when communities outgrow them [WSJ]
4. Lounges in the city hidden below restaurants [NY Mag]
5. Joel Sanders Architect’s Broadway Penthouse project rethinks green design [Green Buildings NYC]
6. Real estate heiress Caroline Cummings and hedge funder Scott Bessent
lower home prices while National Hockey League commissioner Gary
Bettman buys a condo at 400 East 51st Street [Cityfile]
7. Broker pulls his home off the market instead of lowering price [True Gotham]
8. Commercial real estate at “Darwinian Point,” Sam Zell says [NYO]
9. Politicians’ inner beings can be revealed through their taste in interior design [NYT]
10. Renter facing eviction overwhelmed by financial help offers [CNN]
11. Queens Plaza to get the largest slice of Queens’ stimulus funds [NYDN]
12. A look at the Coney Center, a proposed $47 million amphitheater [Arch Paper]
13. How to spot a foreclosure rescue scam [NYDN]
14. Affordable housing coming to Sag Harbor [Sag Harbor Express]

15. Time Out New York lists the “New Yorkiest” blocks in the city [TONY]
16. Fannie, Freddie get Treasury money [SFBJ]
17. Realtors sold on smart phones [Inman]
18. new site for homeowners [Trulia Blog]
19. The worst loan modification companies [The Truth about]
20. Medical office buildings still a stable investment [CoStar]