Manhattan parents move to better public school zones, Topshop didn’t boost business for nearby retailers … and more

April 06, 2009 07:46AM

1. Manhattan parents consider moving to neighborhoods with good public schools when they can no longer afford private school [NYT]
2. Living in the Mastics and Shirley on Long Island [NYT]
3. Looking for a sense of community, couple settles in Crown Heights [NYT]
4. Foreclosures in Westchester hurting neighbors [NYT]
5. Home equity loans no longer helping families pay college tuition [NYT]
6. After 74 years, music store Manny’s Music is closing next month [Post]
7. Retailers near the new Topshop were hoping to see an increase in business from the overflow of shoppers at the store’s opening [Crain’s]
8. During recession, more people consider living in trailer parks [NJ]
9. Credit crunch slows Long Island development [NYT]
10. The Daily News and the Times tour Citi Field [NYDN] and [NYT]
11. Housing affordability improves in New Jersey [NYT]
12. History of 14 West 68th Street, a former meat retailer building in East Harlem and the De Pinna building [NYT]
13. Buyers scramble for credit for homes on Long Island [NYT]
14. Hotels offer discounts to attract visitors [Crain’s]
15. Commercial tenants can be pickier about office space as vacancy increases and prices fall [Crain’s]
16. Avalon Partners moving to 30 Broad Street from 60 Broad Street [Crain’s]
17. Footwear retailer Eneslow opening on Second Avenue between 78th and 79th streets [Crain’s]
18. Pizza Plus NYC signs for 800 square feet at 707 Ninth Avenue [Crain’s]
19. Touchcom moving to 118 West 22nd Street from 151 West 25th Street [Crain’s]
20. Potential buyers see opportunities in the downturn [NY Mag]
21. West Village duplex penthouses listed for $19.5 million getting offers around $12 million [NY Mag]
22. Many homes see increase in value between 2006 and 2007, and then a drop in 2008 [NY Mag]
23. Coney Island open for business [AMNY]