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Apr.April 17, 2009 11:28 AM

N.J. agents find other jobs during downturn
1. Do I need to deal with these idiots when I buy shoes now?
2. I used to be a broker too. I now sell coffee on the corner of 50th and Park. Come by and I’ll buy you a cup.

Agent hopes Hulk transformation will sell unit
1. Hulk not selling apartment. Hulk angry!
2. He’s got good taste in heroes. Superman would have been a poor choice. Only Hulk is strong enough get us out of this market.
3. He’s gotten more comments on his story than any other stories on The Real Deal right now. That proves his idea of bringing attention to himself is a smart move. Not that I would do such a thing, but once you attract the attention of haters (most of you) everyone else pays attention too.

Pinnacle portfolios pulled from broker site

Pinnacle and the bank knew what the income and expenses were for these buildings and still decided to leverage them to the breaking point. They took ridiculous risks and made stupid decisions and they should pay for it. You may hate the concept of rent stabilization but there are hundreds of families living in those buildings that will likely suffer from decreased services and harassment until this gets sorted out, and the bank and the owner are to blame. Like it or not, the regulations are part of the playing field.

City Dwellers calls it quits
1. How can they sell the company when there is no company to be bought?
2. The only asset is a weak brand and listings database program? Hard to see what’s worth buying. Seems more like [a] liability.

$200K studios return to Manhattan market

How is it a “deal” if the studio is 250 square feet?

First-timers should buy before credit expires
Well, let’s see, I was saving and saving to get enough of a down payment to buy, and now I don’t have a large enough down payment anymore but I get a tax credit? I guess the joke is on the middle and lower classes, eh?

New Yankee Stadium just like old ballpark
I just finished watching the Yankees first home game and I had a thought that I hadn’t expected: The new park is not Yankee Stadium. I felt sad. All the history is across the street where the Yankee greats once played. I’ve always heard about the awe felt by visiting players during their first game at the stadium. That’s not going to happen anymore. 

WTC won’t be finished until 2037, study says
Where’s a Robert Moses when you need him?

Hamptons housing market plummets

Blame in on the “Real Housewives”!

Biggest price cut of the day

Ha! Cutting only $200,000 On A Lexington Avenue overpriced apartment like this is like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Talk about chasing the market down.

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