This Week in Comments

April 24, 2009 03:16PM

Firms promote the value of real estate
For heaven’s sake, brokers, shouldn’t all of your listings be “value” listings if they’re priced properly? You’ll get even more hits if you provide the price point. “Value” is just a term for lower-end.

Development destroying Far Rockaway bungalows
A little bit of Detroit right here in New York City.

Smells — and Barbara Walters obsession — can spell sour sales
1. Great story. I never considered these things when I put my condo on the market two years ago. Maybe if I had taken down my photos of G.W. Bush and Fabio it would have sold!
2. I’d rather see turtle turds than a picture of Barabara Walters. What is she, 90?
3. Turtle turds turn off buyers? Gee, I didn’t know that.

Anecdotal evidence says buyers are back
They’re talking about places like Florida and Las Vegas, not New York. New York is still way overpriced.

More commercial owners using wind power, Yankees owe $68K in rent … and more
Real Deal — stop saying that people are “quietly marketing their homes.” By definition, if you or other news sources find out about it then obviously it’s not quiet. You can simply say they are “marketing their home.”

DOB permits plunge in early 2009
I would think that any permit being issued at all is great news. Why is it reported that permits plunged? In this economy, who would want to build? Who’s getting financed? If a permit is issued, it should be celebrated instead of denigrated.