Biggest price cut of the day

April 30, 2009 04:00PM

alternate textJulian Schnabel’s Palazzo Chupi saw a $3 million price cut today

biggest price cut of the day goes to the combined penthouse at Palazzo
Chupi, at 360 West 11th Street, according to The price of the triplex and
duplex combo was slashed by $3 million, and the unit is now on the market for
$38 million. The 7,500-square-foot apartment, owned and designed by artist Julian
Schnabel, is now listed for 7 percent less than its asking price of $41
million when it was listed on in January. The 3,713-square-foot triplex
and 3,963-square-foot duplex are also for sale separately, and the triplex saw a $2
million price cut
today, making its sale price $20 million. The duplex’s price decreased by $1 million today, and it is now listed for $18 million. In
addition, the triplex can be rented for $50,000 a month, and the duplex
can be rented for $40,000 a month. Earlier this month, Schnabel put a
Picasso painting up for sale to pay down debt on Palazzo Chupi. TRD