Hotels pause renovations, retailers team up to attract shoppers … and more

May 11, 2009 07:54AM

1. Hotels pause renovations as occupancy rates decline [NYT]
2. Banks make loan terms easier to understand [NYT]
3. Couple sues One Beacon Court developer after tripping in the courtyard [NYT]
4. Retail and commercial tenants asking for rent breaks [Crain’s]
5. JetBlue might leave Queens in 2012 if city doesn’t convince it to stay [NYDN]
6. Internet agents sometimes considered threat to traditional brokerages [NYT]
7. Brokers draw potential buyers to open houses by adding art shows, lectures, luncheons to the event [NYT]
8. Could the Deutsche Bank building become a landmark? [Post]
9. Eco-friendly low-income housing development in the Bronx is about one-third filled [NYT]
10. Queens church construction project in limbo [NYT]
11. Gourmet food market and cafe in old Lundy’s space in violation of zoning rules [NYDN]
12. Condos selling in bulk [Crain’s]
13. Retailers team up to draw shoppers [Crain’s]
14. Living in Point Lookout on Long Island [NYT]
15. Family rents West Village townhouse for $16,000, down from its market peak rent of $24,000 [NYT]
16. Lobby and four empty apartments in One Brooklyn Bridge Park to become a gallery [NYT]
17. There’s no investor buying up Hamptons properties with lowball offers [NY Mag]
18. Charter school to remain in Bronx landmark building for another 12 years [Crain’s]
19. New Jersey resident spreads the word about forgotten architect Carl Kemm Loven [NYT]