City stops charging homeless rent, first section of the High Line to be revealed next month … and more

May 22, 2009 08:11AM

1. City temporarily stops charging rent to homeless people who have income and live in city shelters [NYT]
2. Larry Silverstein and the Port Authority have to come up with an agreement on the World Trade Center redevelopment by June 11 [Post]
3. City Council investigates whether the School Construction Authority improperly colluded with Two Trees in its Dock Street development plan [Brooklyn Paper]
4. Pre-K school might move into Greenwich House, at 27 Barrow Street [Villager]
5. First section of the High Line to be unveiled next month [Villager]
6. Residents vacate 150-152 West 14th Street as the building’s facade threatened to collapse [Villager, 2nd item]
7. City’s unemployment rate slightly dropped last month to 8 percent from 8.1 percent in March [AP via Post]
8. Columbia graduate students plan how to Improve Greenwich Street South [Downtown Express]
9. Demolitions approved for Deutsche Bank and Fitterman Hall buildings, which were contaminated on Sept. 11, 2001 [Downtown Express]
10. Businesses hurt by fire at 109 East Broadway [Downtown Express]