Midtown has tons of sublet space, Fifth on the Park might have gone rental … and more

May 26, 2009 06:38PM

1. Three out of every four office buildings in Midtown have sublet space available [NYT]
2. American Apparel in Harlem protested for not closing on Malcolm X’s birthday [Racked]
3. Architectural firm Ellerbe Becket may become lead designer for Barclays Center in the Atlantic Yards project [AY Report]
4. Construction progress at the future rental building 2 Cooper Square [Curbed]
5. Has Fifth on the Park gone rental? [Curbed]
6. New high school opening in Sunset Park [Brownstoner]
7. The Argyle condo gets its temporary certificate of occupancy [Brownstoner]
8. WebMD looking for more space in the city [NYO]
9. City Council member Letitia James voices support of Two Trees’ Dock Street development [NYO]
10. Garbage transfer station could be erected near the runway of Laguardia Airport [NY Mag]
11. Stained glass panel returns to St. Thomas Church after two years of restoration [NYT]
12. Nearly 40,000 New York City homes have gone underwater in the past five years [Post]
13. Former Lehman Brothers exec lowers price of Bridgehampton home [Newsday]
14. Sellers taking losses as home price declines continue [Washington Post]
15. Consumer confidence hits highest level since September [Post]
16. Shadow market could hinder real estate rebound [Christian Science Monitor]
17. Are homes good investments? [WSJ]
18. Freddie Mac to start multi-family funding program [Reuters]