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May 29, 2009 04:45PM

Halstead moves into Connecticut market in Darien
Wheeler was a unique firm, but once you get taken over by a large
firm you lose that. Big Brother is not always the answer, even in these

MLBKaye bucks the trend, begins aggressive expansion
Oh yeah, right — people still walk into little real estate offices
with photos in their windows to buy an apartment. Jeez, with such 1980s
thinking, how much longer can MLBKaye stay in business?

Brokerages tap Valerie Haboush to write listings, bios
Brokers paying someone to write their kid’s college entrance essays? Good to see that they aren’t just scumbags in their professional life and that they’re scumbags in their personal lives as well.

Who is leaving real estate these days, and what other professions are they going into?
I’m shining shoes at Grand Central.

Residential trends vary by nabe, panelists say
Why would you pay for something today that you know will be worth less tomorrow?