This Week in Comments

June 05, 2009 05:38PM

What are the advantages of being part of a real estate team?
1. Good cop, bad cop.
2. One advantage is [there is] no I in “Team” so I can’t be blamed for anything.

Pop-ups pop up in the Hamptons
It’s so sad to see Main [Street] in East Hampton turn into Fifth avenue or Rodeo Drive. What happened to shops that made that made shopping here unique?

No break for retail in Nolita
This is what happens when a neighborhood is flooded with shops that sell completely non-essential items. The butcher shops, the shoe repair guys, the laundromats, and the affordable restaurants, not to mention the families that could no longer afford to live where they grew up, are gone for good, while all we are left with are empty storefronts and building after building of people who worship consumption and materialism.

Developers wine and dine to reach crucial sales threshold
Interesting. Offering $80,000 worth of furniture as an inducement for a property probably overpriced by at least that amount? How stupid do they think that buyers are anyway?