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June 12, 2009 01:08PM

Brooklyn’s priciest sale about to flip
This tells the story of New York City real estate perfectly: “I bought for X so I need to sell for XX and make a big profit. It does not matter if my price is way above where the market really is — hence another apartment which will sit on the market for months and months as dead inventory. moves into Hamptons market; Elliman, Hamptons Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage onboard

1. How is this different than Zillow, other than providing price reductions? Properties in the Hamptons have been put on Zillow for a while now.
2. While it’s probably a safer bet than HREO, it’s more of the same — no required consistency, and without the input of MLS listings, just another site with partial listings and no oversight.

Sitt says Coney land isn’t for sale
As if he owns all of Coney Island.

Levy sues Swig over construction funds
If he misappropriated tax revenues he will certainly spend some time in jail, in addition to huge fines.

Weinstein’s CPW unit on market for $34M
He combined three apartments into one and the renovation is amazing. He’ll get his price if can get the building to turn 90 degrees to the left so he can face east.

Are there any international buyers out there today? If so, from where?
If you’re a New Yorker anyone else is international.

Halstead takes bigger bite out of Conn. market
Their survival will depend on their ability to sell/close short sales and foreclosures in any market, not just Connecticut or New York City.