This Week in Comments

June 19, 2009 10:54AM

NYU grads rent in Bushwick backyard
What’s the broker commission for tent space?

Century 21 hopes to follow the Yellow Brick Road to sales

I think Ashanti should sing her biggest hit: “Foolish.”

Ghost towers prevalent, The Real Deal says on Fox Business
If you don’t believe there are ghost towers in New York City, then you don’t know anything and after the rest of the construction in the city, which is in process now, is over, there [are] going to be a lot more of them.

No Mini Cooper winner at broker bash
Why don’t they pass on the savings to the potential tenant instead of incentivizing brokers? Brokers will make out fine on this deal anyway.

Townhouse buyers scarce
The [headline] is wrong. There are plenty of buyers; what we lack is townhouse owners that understand where current prices are. [If] you price it right, it will be in contract in a month.

What is the biggest potential problem looming on the horizon for NYC real estate?
When we start throwing rocks at empty new glass condo buildings and break all the windows.

Developers do switcheroos with sales firms
They must be insane at Manhattan House. We were going to buy there last year and returned about one week ago. The price is exactly the same as last year and some arrogant agent that showed us the apartment again said they are keeping their price the same as last year. At least say, submit an offer. So glad we didn’t do it as the building is in so much trouble: mice, asbestos, construction on weekends, etc.