Corcoran flirts and curses to create intimacy

July 10, 2009 05:53PM

Women’s Wear Daily profiles Barbara Corcoran, who the publication labels “the Jim Cramer of real estate” for her sunny outlook on the market in the face of the recession. Corcoran, who founded the Corcoran Group in 1973, flirts and curses, which she uses as a sales tactic, according to the profile. She is a contributor to the Today Show, where she writes and answers all of the questions on her weekly real estate segment and is known for her brightly colored clothing. She also contributes to the Daily News, where an editor writes the questions and answers for Corcoran’s videos. This fall, Corcoran will be a regular on an ABC reality show called “Shark Attack.” Corcoran made her name in real estate partly by creating a market report, the Corcoran Report, the first of which she compiled by calculating the average sale price of the 11 sales her company had made in the previous six months. The profile also discusses rumors of tension between Corcoran and Pamela Liebman, her successor at the Corcoran Group.