HL23 architect says size and money do matter

July 15, 2009 06:09PM

On a recent podcast, appraiser Jonathan Miller spoke with Scott Spector, principal of architecture and design firm the Spector Group, about the importance of interior architecture, stringent budget cuts, and how his firm is performing amid the downturn. Spector has worked on projects including the HL23 near the High Line and the BMW at Competition & Sports Cars in Greenwich, Conn. Spector said that while starchitects are primarily focused on a building’s exterior and main lobby, his firm handles the individual offices, elevators and floor lobbies. “As the executive architect, we are doing about 75 percent [of the work on a project]; we have a niche,” Spector said, adding that his business has been able to remain afloat during the downturn due to its small size of 68 people and a steady flow of projects backed by affluent clients that haven’t stopped building, such as BMW. But he said many companies are paying closer attention to staying on budget than in the past. “But with construction costs 15 to 20 percent lower, they are able to get a lot more with their negotiated amount of dollars,” he said. [Housing Helix]