Sheffield57 to be auctioned off today, celebs move in to northwest Tribeca … and more

August 06, 2009 08:09AM

1. Sheffield57 to be auctioned off today [Crain’s]
2. Richard Gere unloads Water Mill home after a price cut [Post, 2nd item]
3. A slideshow of Charles Gwathmey’s New York architecture [NYO]
4. Celebs occupy northwestern corner of Tribeca [Post]
5. Sienna Miller looks for a home downtown [Post, 3rd item]
6. Fashion moguls Chris and Tory Burch buy and demolish homes in Hamptons [Post, 4th item]
7. U.S. House of Representatives approves funding for parachute manufacturer in Red Hook [Brooklyn Eagle]
8. Photographer Annie Liebovitz may be better off declaring bankruptcy to deal with a loan backed by her real estate [Bloomberg]
9. New Rutgers University medical buildings squeezed into tight space [NYT]
10. Mortgage applications rise [The Truth about Mortgage]
11. Taylor Bean closes mortgage-lending operations [MarketWatch]
12. Prospective buyers need to purchase foreclosures fast [CNNMoney]
13. Commercial property execs expect real estate values to keep falling [Reuters]
14. Teams of agents bring more value to real estate transactions [True Gotham]