Fairchild did not follow Landmarks blueprint

August 21, 2009 09:19AM

The developers of the Fairchild, at 415 Washington Street, did not follow the Landmarks Preservation Commission-approved blueprint when constructing the building, Downtown Express reported. The building’s elevator bulkhead is higher than it should be, the windows are casements and the cornice is not designed as planned. The building switched architects midway through the project, with Joseph Pell Lombardi designing the building and architect Karl Fischer taking over once construction had begun. After approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission, Lombardi changed the designs to incorporate recommendations from the Board of Standards and Appeals, and he never went back to the commission for further approval, Fischer said. Lombardi said Fischer should have gotten the necessary approvals. The Fairchild is owned by a group of investors that includes actor James Gandolfini.

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