Home improvement chains expect smaller projects, New Jersey buyers turn to FHA loans … and more

August 24, 2009 08:06AM

1. Home improvement chain stores plan for homeowners’ smaller projects [NYT]
2. States trying to monitor loan officers [NYT]
3. Still no bidder has been chosen for Tavern on the Green [NYO]
4. Cushman & Wakefield director gets married [NYT]
5. Bronx’s Grand Concourse setting itself up for real estate renaissance [NY1]
6. Bronx waterfront development uses nautical theme in architecture [NYT]
7. Fort Greene couple operates boutique on ground floor of their duplex apartment [NYT]
8. Living in Bedford-Stuyvestant, Brooklyn [NYT]
9. Comptroller William Thompson says city should have invested in affordable housing during the boom [NYDN]
10. Italian buyer finds apartment in Brooklyn [NYT]
11. Scarsdale mayor says town is unlikely place for affordable housing [NYT]
12. How Connecticut real estate empire Antares Investment Partners fell [Connecticut Post]
13. Buyers in New Jersey using Federal Housing Administration loans [NYT]
14. Appraisals getting in the way of Long Island deals [NYT]
15. Housing numbers are deceptive, columnist John Crudele says [Post]

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