Bronx sees 18 new school openings, concerns grow over FHA financial viability … and more

September 08, 2009 07:56AM

1. Fuld says he’s been “dumped on” over Lehman debacle [Reuters via Forbes]
2. Sellers splurging on renovations to move units [NYT]
3. September sees 18 new schools opening in the Bronx [NYDN]
4. The LES’ famed pickle shop closes, as neighborhood shops go upscale [LA Times]
5. Department of City Planning leader Amanda Burden in the spotlight [NYO]
6. New NYPD map breaks down murder trends in NYC neighborhoods from 2003 to present [NYT]
7. City Parks Commission opts for hands-free motorized mower, as non-unionized labor in the department mounts [NYDN]
8. New High Line photo album revealed [NYT]
9. New Jersey’s Froh Heim mansion hits auction block [Star Ledger]
10. New FEMA flood rules come with hefty cost [NYT]
11. Preparing for an open house a fraught mission [NYT]
12. Concerns grow over FHA financial viability [WSJ]
13. Reviewing lessons from Lehman, one year after the collapse [Bloomberg]
14. In era of cheaper residential prices, searching for a steal with a fix-up apartment [NYT]