Brooklyn economy looking stronger than rest of New York City … and more

September 24, 2009 04:52PM

1. As Madoff apartment is priced high, another unit in the building slashes its price [Curbed]
2. City Council pushes for developers to keep their stalled development sites “tidy” [Post via Curbed]
3. New Jersey condos seeing rock bottom prices [Post]
4. NYC commercial buildings launching swine flu prevention effort [SI Live]
5. A look inside TV on the Radio frontman Kip Malone’s apartment [Post]
6. Vacant Bushwick apartments serving as temporary art gallery [Brooklyn Paper]
7. Undercover camera catches construction workers drinking on the job [Gothamist] 

8. Staten Island beep withdraws support from proposed mental illness hospital [SI Live]
9. A look at why housing figures keep “bouncing around” [WSJ]
10. Brooklyn economy looking stronger than the rest of New York City [Crain’s]

11. Fed plans to stretch out its mortgage-backed securities purchases [Inman] 

12. Pol wants to see brokers exempt from proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency purview [Inman]
13. Weighing the pros and cons of extending the homebuyer tax credit [Zillow]
14. Study shows one in three metropolitan homes could pose health risk [USA Today]
15. Home shadow inventory could number as high as seven million [Truth about Mortgage]