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September 25, 2009 12:56PM

1055 Park designed with real inspiration
Inappropriate and out of place. [I] cannot believe this was approved. Disgusting — what ever happened to class?

Market picking up, residential experts say
[The] problem is there are so many deals that have yet to hit the
market so even with this optimism on the uptick in activity, we have
yet to experience the peak of supply.

Non-profit finds trouble selling Jamaica homes

If you can’t afford 10 percent down, you should rent. The idea of building affordable housing and selling it to lower income folks is moronic. If they weren’t “lower income,” they’d be able to afford to buy. The money is better spent on rent voucher programs like Section 8. People need a place to live. They certainly don’t need to “own” their home.

What should the city do that it is not doing to help New York City real estate?
1. Use their influence to have banks offer jumbo and super jumbo mortgages at 5 percent for five or 10 years. Without this we are all sunk underwater.
2. Get the MTA out of its real estate holdings. Second, give more real estate tax credit. The taxes are ridiculous in this city.

Finding broker freebies
That’s why I stopped doing broker’s open houses — they all come to eat and don’t care about the property.

Foreclosed homeowners steal appliances before moving out
I’ll pay $20 for the toilet.

South Florida foreclosure tsunami to continue for at least two years
rising home insurance, property taxes, migration, high unemployment and
an economy that produces nothing of value whatsoever, South Florida is
burnt toast.

New York developer shifts focus to Miami, now looks to New Orleans
Miami is a horror show and this developer”proves it by hightailing it to New Orleans.