U.S. stock futures on the rise … and more

September 25, 2009 07:53AM

1. After cutting its IPO in half, Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance sees shares fall 5 percent in midday trading [NYT]
2. Home resales in the northeast drop more than 12 percent between July and August [AP via Inquirer]
3. Opening of Jackie Robinson Museum delayed until 2011 [Villager]
4. Despite rumors, Twitter execs say they’re not moving operations to New York City [Silicon Alley Insider]
5. Mayor promotes energy-saving white rooftops, catches flack for not updating city buildings [AP via Crain’s] 
6. New Chinese Museum center opens in Lower Manhattan [Downtown Express]
7. Matt Lauer buys $2.15M Southampton cottage [WSJ, 1st item]
8. Tenants ordered to vacate 239 Banker Street [NYS]
9. Temporary outdoor art space opens near Canal Street [Downtown Express]
10. Widow of journalist Ed Bradley sells Central Park West apartment near $6.995M asking price [WSJ, 2nd item]
11. Market revving back up, after six-month dearth of IPOs [Fortune via CNNMoney]
12. U.S. stock futures on the rise [WSJ]
13. A look at why investors are steering clear of “vulture mortgage fund” IPOs [LAT]
14. Fed strategy reduces U.S. bailout obligation to $11.6 trillion [Bloomberg]