Cassa NY jacks up prices, FTC goes after mortgage rescue plan scammers … and more

November 25, 2009 04:59PM

1. Cassa NY hotel and condo jacks up prices at nine of the 29 remaining unsold units [Curbed]
2. City considers shuttering three underperforming Queens schools [NYDN] 

3. AY opponent says, despite court ruling, he won’t back down on eminent domain complaint [Brooklyn Eagle] 

4. Goldman CEO Blankfein slashes Park Avenue co-op price to $13.5M, down $1.5 million [Cityfile]
5. Lizarran tapas chain coming to New York City [Village Voice] 

6. Broadway Triangle debate moves to City Council [Post]
7. BellTel Lofts condo in Downtown Brooklyn opens garage to public [Brooklyn Eagle] 

8.The aftermath of a NJ real estate scam [Brooklyn Ink]
9. A mapping of empty retail storefronts in New York City [Curbed] 

10. Harlem mainstay Dinosaur BBQ makes its move to new location, just a few blocks south [Harlem Bespoke]
11. Retirement homes suffering in downturn [Newsweek via Realtor Mag]
12. FTC goes after mortgage rescue plan scammers [Housing Wire] 

13. Option-ARMs named as housing recovery deterrent [CNNMoney] 

14. Cheering new home sales figures? Not so fast, experts say [WSJ]
15. Commercial property owners to feel the burn soon [National Real Estate Investor]
16. Classic real estate game of chance, Monopoly, gets updated look [Business Week]
17. Market analyst Barry Ritholtz says housing bottom long way off [Yahoo! News] 

18. Homebuyer tax credits may further threaten FHA stability [WSJ] 

19. Distressed commercial property sales up across the globe [Property Wire]
20. Moody’s downgrades six HFA transactions [Bond Buyer]
21. Banks buy back $7.1 b in single-family loans in 3Q [National Mortgage News]
22. Peter Slatin and Alexander Goldfarb talk about REITs [Forbes]