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November 25, 2009 11:03AM

Streeteasy aims to lift veil of buyer brokers
This is tacky beyond belief. Just about all buyers I have worked with [for] over 18 years have loved discretion and a broker who keeps their business private. This is a great way for Streeteasy to make easy bucks and a good way for brokers to look even tackier and grubbier.

Corcoran appeal of broker privacy ruling begins
REBNY makes a lot of money with the agents fees and, although they do a lot for the agents, truth is anytime there is a dispute between agent and broker, they support mainly the broker who forces all their agents to pay their dues. REBNY was fully aware of the pending litigation yet they chose to give Tresa Hall the award anyway.

Q & A with Department of Buildings Commissioner Robert LiMandri
The Department has come up with a new “determination” process which replaces the former “reconsideration” which is the procedure to get a clarification of the Building Department’s interpretation of the thousands of vague laws [that] the Building Code and Zoning Laws are comprised of. The procedure used to be as simple as a meeting with a building official; now it’s a three-month process. That’s progress?

Starwood relocates to Stamford, other businesses may follow

Only New York can make Connecticut (and New Jersey) look like affordable alternatives.

New York could see a double dip in residential market
Demand is down by 25 percent, so why would this article try to act as if prices are stable or are increasing?