Linden78 rep opens West Coast shop

December 04, 2009 10:48AM

New York real estate sales and marketing representative Chris Westley of CW Management, whose most recent project was attempting to turn around sales at condominium Linden78 at 230 West 78th Street, is setting up shop in Hollywood. Linden78,  Urban Residential’s development, whose exclusive sales and marketing agent is the Marketing Directors, has weathered broken contracts and construction delays and saw around 90 percent of its buyers pull out when the recession hit, the New York Daily News reported. Westley, who is considered by some to be a guru of selling units in troubled buildings, said he plans to use his same repackaging skills on the other coast. “The idea is to generate sales of underperforming properties whose initial efforts didn’t deliver desired results,” Westley said. “My role is to… tweak the asset identity and manage the sales.

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