Slight drop in NYC’s stalled projects list

December 10, 2009 01:56PM

The city has slightly fewer stalled construction sites after November brought the rejuvenation of some projects that had come to a standstill. Inspection records from the Department of Buildings, analyzed by the New York Building Congress, revealed that the city is home to 515 inactive construction sites, as of Nov. 29. That’s slightly lower than the 531 such sites identified as of Nov. 1, the result of a large increase during the month of October. Nearly all stalled projects are residential developments, the Building Congress said, and they are largely concentrated in Brooklyn, which has 237, or 46 percent, of the city’s total number. Roughly one-third of Brooklyn’s stalled sites were in neighborhoods in the northern portion of the borough, like Williamsburg, East Williamsburg and Greenpoint. Queens followed with 140 dormant sites, or 27 percent of those citywide. Manhattan has 80; Staten Island has 34; and the Bronx has 24. The city recently introduced incentives for owners of stalled projects to keep their sites safe in exchange for renewing their building permits for up to four more years. “It is important for government and the development community to continue working together to minimize the immediate environmental and quality-of-life impacts of these stalled projects on the hardest hit communities,” said Richard Anderson, president of the Building Congress. TRD