Gift ideas for NYC’s real estate bigwigs, London Terrace Gardens landlord won’t sue tenants seeking rent stabilization … and more

December 22, 2009 08:17AM

1. Cuozzo: Gift ideas for NYC’s real estate bigwigs [Post]
2. City Council overrides Bloomberg’s veto on Kingsbridge Armory [NYT]
3. Lender sends Long Island couple foreclosure notice by mistake [Newsday]
4. Queens non-profit will renovate Corona building to house families of women once incarcerated [NYDN]
5. At London Terrace Gardens, landlord won’t bring suit against tenants seeking rent stabilization if they stop paying [Curbed]
6. The younger Speyer’s foray into real estate tainted by Stuy Town mistake [Bloomberg]
7. Inside an interior designer’s 400-square-foot Soho apartment [WSJ]
8. One block from Bronx Halloween fire site, another fire ignites fears of arson [NYDN]
9. Popular Ditmas Park coffee shop Vox Pop shuttered by state for unpaid bills [NYDN]
10. Luxury homeowners defaulting at twice the market rate [Seeking Alpha]
11. City drains mosquito-filled “Everglades” marsh in Bronx, to neighbors’ delight [NYDN]
12. Tishman Speyer is only on the hook for about $56 million at Stuy Town, but damage to reputation could be far worse  [NY Mag]
13. Unemployment and disappearing government support detract from a recovering housing market [Reuters via CNBC]
14. Teen girls sell handmade jewelry and crafts out of vacant Bed-Stuy storefront for Christmas [NYDN]
15. Over-the-top Christmas displays light up Bronx homes [NYDN]
16. New homes are being downsized to meet homebuyers’ smaller budgets [Seeking Alpha]

17. Center for Urban Community Services opens new Bronx facility for one-stop public assistance [NYDN]