SL Green’s recent 510 Madison deal could be hopeful sign for the industry … and more

December 23, 2009 08:16AM

1. SL Green’s recent purchase at 510 Madison a hopeful sign for the industry, analysts say [NYT]
2. Anne Frank Center USA non-profit on the hunt for exhibition space Downtown [Post, 3rd item]
3. Reader’s Digest’s departure from 116-acre property Westchester suburb comes with 15 years left on its 300,000-square-foot lease [NYT]
4. General Growth gets approval from court on restructuring plan of $11.6B worth of loans [Bloomberg]
5. Housing starts report spurs extended stocks rally [AP via WCBSTV]
6. Olick: If investors are beating out prospective residents with all-cash purchases for REOs, what will they do with those unoccupied homes? [CNBC]
7. Realm Boutique, carrying European labels, coming to 98 Greene Street in Soho [Post, 2nd item]
8. Failed banks’ loan packages draw bids by the dozen [WSJ]
9. As banks raise capital to repay TARP funds, they reap big returns for themselves in fees [NYT]
10. What to do if your landlord won’t repay your security deposit [NYT]

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