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December 24, 2009 10:23AM

Corcoran ruling upheld in appellate court
This ruling begs the question of how far reaching this decision is. Does it apply to commercial real estate brokers as well? What about other professional sales persons [like] mortgage brokers, stock brokers, and financial planners? What if a salesperson signed a non-compete clause in their contract when they were hired, are the leads still the property of the broker?

Disappointing new home sales numbers for November spur mixed stock market reactions
The sales did not fall below what the majority were expecting, they just fell below what the unrealistically bullish were hoping for.

Halstead first major NYC firm to grant VOW

VOWs will eliminate consumer confusion by making accurate listing data ubiquitous.

Who do you think is the most powerful person in New York City real estate?
Darcy Stacom for getting Tishman Speyer to cough up $5.4 billion for the Stuy Town debacle.

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