In Connecticut, businesses move away from real estate-dependent ventures

December 28, 2009 02:31PM

Where they can, professionals with strong ties to the real estate industry are readjusting their businesses so as not to be taken down by a dearth of home sales. In Connecticut, home inspector Kenny Rhodes started a side business that offers home evaluations for child safety risks, which he said helped make up for the drastic slide in home inspections. Rhodes said he did only a quarter the number of home inspections this year as he is accustomed to doing, and his Peek-A-Boo Babyproofing now makes up 75 percent of his work. Meanwhile, Dina Spaidal, who owns an interior design and staging firm, said the staging portion of her business has dropped off. That might be, in part, because brokers like Phyllis Rose of the Maury Rose Group are rearranging their clients’ existing furniture so that they don’t have to spend the money to rent it. “People still want home staging and people feel that it’s too expensive,” Rose said. “You have to accommodate people because of the economy.” [Greenwich Time]