East Village bed-and-breakfast on the market for $15.7M, mortgage brokers fight back against proposed compensation regulation … and more

December 29, 2009 08:10AM

1. New Long Island Railroad terminal entrance at Atlantic Terminal at Flatbush Avenue opens [Brooklyn Paper]
2. Vegan bed-and-breakfast at 73-75 East Third Street on the market for $15.7M [EV Grieve]
3. Mortgage brokers fight back against Fed’s proposed compensation regulation [National Mortgage News]
4. Brooklyn’s 2009 was marked by big development projects [NYDN]
5. Massive heating oil spill discovered in basement of NYU-owned Washington Square apartment building [NYDN]
6. Father’s Fish of the Bronx and the Fulton Fish Market file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection [Crain’s]
7. Future plans for Fannie and Freddie in limbo [Bloomberg]
8. New term-deposit facility proposed at the Fed [Fox Business]
9. Fitch remains negative on CMBS [Housing Wire]
10. Krugman worried about economy contracting in second half of next year [Huffington Post]

11. Moody’s commercial real estate price index shows more declines [Retail Traffic Mag]
12. Government housing support programs roundup [Calculated Risk]

13. Economists predict ease in rate of home price drops [Bloomberg]

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